Perfect Childhood Bed

The Importance of Getting the Right Childhood Bed

Sleep is such an important part of a child’s formative years. Proper sleep helps their young bodies and minds properly grow. That is why it is important for children to have the proper bed to use as they grow and change. Whilst many parents can think a child simply needs just a crib and then a bed into adulthood, this is not the best sleeping arrangement for children.

Like all things that children grow into and out of, furniture is one of the important parts of their youth. Having the proper sized bed is the primary piece of furniture children use in their room as they are growing. The four bed sizes include infancy, young toddler, child sized and young teenager.

Bassinette– For a child, having the right sized bed from is a critical part of their healthy definition of their private sleeping space. While some people opt to go right into a crib for their infant to sleep in, a crib is often too large for an infant to sleep in. Since infant’s sleep best in a more confined space, cribs tend to be too spacious. ‘Additionally, cribs are not portable so they cannot be moved closer to a mother to watch over them. That is why a bassinette is the preferred infant bed.
Hugo bed - single
Cribs– Once a child is old enough to enjoy a crib, getting a sturdy crib that will last several years is important. Not all cribs are made with longevity in mind. It is important to make sure it has all the right safety measures on it and is built of a solid construction. The front gate, which can be an area of concern, should have all the necessary safety measures to make sure it doesn’t come unlatched without parental assistance.

Childhood Beds– Once the child has reached the age of 2 1/2 or 3 years old, the use of a Incy Interiors kids beds usually begins. These beds are usually lower to the ground than a standard single bed so that the child can readily get in and out of the bed. Many of these beds are also shorter than a traditional single sized bed making for a more comfortable sleep for a younger child. Whilst these beds have extra room for the child to grow into, they are designed for a young child and not an adult.

Full Sized Beds– As the child grows beyond childhood into the early teenage years, the need for a full-sized bed becomes inevitable. This usually occurs when the child reaches 9 or 10 years of age. This bed is usually the last bed they will need until they go off to college. Because it is an adult sized bed, it can easily be converted into a guest bed and used as their adult bed when they come home to visit from college after they are grown and have left the house. This bed would have an adult bed post and frame and usually has either a single or full-sized bed frame.

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