Caffe Moravia

2004 Barista of The Year Finalist
New Special Menu Every 4 WeeksCaffe Moravia, established for over twelve years, specialises in Italian pastries, excellent coffee and award winning baristas. Offering breakfast, lunch and dinner with new special menu every 4 weeks, it is also the perfect spot for a coffee and snack with friends or colleagues.In 2002, Caffe Moravia was voted in the top two by the Melbourne public for the best coffee around in a survey conducted by The Age newspaper. All our Baristas have been trained at the Vittoria Coffee College, each boasting gold certificate level of qualification.

We offer a selection of home made rolls and foccacias with both traditional and contemporary fillings. For something for those with a sweet tooth, our Italian trained pastry chefs make delicious cakes and biscuits on the premises.

Caffe Moravia also makes traditional Italian gelati with over 20 flavours available.

Catering and cake ordering for weddings, birthdays, corporate functions and all special occasions is also available.

We are located close to the Rivoli Theatre, so why not drop by for a meal/snack before or after the movies?

Searching for Lovely Floral Dresses

Searching for Lovely Floral Dresses

Floral dresses can help you look like a vision of summery perfection and beauty. The most feminine and girlish women on the planet regularly gravitate to floral dresses. Floral dresses can make you feel like you look your best. Floral dresses can add to looks that are charming and sweet. They can add to appearances that are carefree, laid-back and happy-go-lucky as well. If you’re trying to find floral dresses to introduce to your wardrobe, then it’s most likely your lucky day. There are so many amazing options in floral dresses for sale nowadays. Finding stylish and high-quality floral dresses doesn’t have to be a task that makes you feel like your poor head is going to explode. You can find Floral dresses here:

These dresses give people so many fun choices. If you’re interested in rocking a retro style that’s evocative of the sixties and the seventies, you may want to search for prints that put large sunflowers on display. Cartoonish flower patterns can genuinely make you look like a bona fide “mod” girl who has no cares in the world. People who appreciate nostalgic looks frequently opt for floral prints that don’t look overly realistic.

Playing with floral looks can be a blast. There are people who go for dresses that boast realistic floral prints. There are people who go for dresses that have actual images of flowers of all kinds, too. Roses are commonly seen on dresses of all types. The same goes for orchids, violets, lilies and tulips. If you’re a big fan of poinsettias, you don’t have to feel any worry. There are so many dress choices at Women’s Clothing by Leonard Street that should please you.

The idea of searching for dresses that include floral prints in person can seem somewhat hard. It can be tough and even impossible to anticipate the dress options that may be on hand. That’s the reason it can help to scour the Internet carefully. There are so many highly regarded shops on the Internet that are known for lovely dresses. There are many reputable online retailers that are known for dresses that come with magnificent flower designs, too. These dresses are made in all colors. They’re made using all different kinds of fabrics as well. If you’re searching for dresses that are great for the summer months, you should prioritize rather lightweight materials. If you’re on the lookout for dresses that are better for the autumn and the winter, you should emphasize the value of materials that are a bit heavier. People who don dresses that have floral patterns don’t have to tolerate feeling uncomfortable or unpleasant in any way.

There are so many people who adore floral dresses to bits. If you’re one of them, your search should begin now.

Incredible Options in Women’s Jumpsuits

Incredible Options in Women’s Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are outfits that involve a combination of a top with sleeves and pants. They offer numerous different applications as well. Some people wear jumpsuits as simple fashion statements. Others wear them for protective purposes. It isn’t uncommon to see jumpsuits as designated uniforms for professionals, either. There are many types of women’s jumpsuits on the market. If you have a penchant for pure style, you may want to browse the universe of women’s jumpsuits. Women’s jumpsuits offer wearers so many potential advantages. Women’s jumpsuits are often extremely comfortable. They’re highly convenient, too. It can be such an enormous hassle to have to pick out separate tops and pants each morning. If you reach for a jumpsuit, though, you cut out quite a few steps. Women’s jumpsuits also give wearers many fashion perks. They can be flattering and make your body look its best. They can even help conceal parts of your body that you believe could benefit from a little more toning.
If you have your eye on women’s jumpsuits, then you don’t have to worry for a minute. Choices in women’s jumpsuits nowadays are amazingly plentiful. People can find jumpsuits for the fairer sex in all kinds of brick and mortar retailers. It doesn’t matter if you like shopping at department stores. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy browsing much smaller boutiques. Finding a jumpsuit that can flatter your figure shouldn’t be hard. Finding one that’s a good match for your budget shouldn’t be complex at all, either.

The Internet, especially the beautiful website, can be a boon for fans of jumpsuits for women as well. It gives people access to a much larger jumpsuit selection. You can find jumpsuits on the Internet that are perfect for people who are particularly tall. You can find options online that are ideal for people who are especially petite, too. If you’re a petite woman who is having difficulty locating jumpsuits that are appropriate for your size, the Internet can easily accommodate your wishes.

Jumpsuits by Leonard Street can be great for women who are enthusiastic about appearing and feeling chic and stylish. There are jumpsuits for sale in all kinds of pleasant and modern colors. If you want to wow the world with a more understated and subtle style, you can buy a jumpsuit in black, dark brown, navy blue, beige or off-white. If you want to impress people with a style that’s a bit more striking and memorable, you can purchase a jumpsuit in hot pink, electric blue, yellow or orange. Choices in jumpsuits are remarkably abundant. There are even many jumpsuits for women that feature interesting and intricate prints, patterns and designs. If you’re someone who loves jumpsuits, shopping for them can be a blast.

Finding a Comfortable Woman’s Shirt

Finding a Comfortable Woman’s Shirt

All women everywhere have a stables in their wardrobe they turn to again and again. Many women look for clothing that they know they can use each week without fail. A well chosen closet with lots of items that fit well makes it easy for any woman to rush out and get where they need to be each morning. Many women look for a Printed Shirts by Leonard Street that works with other elements in their wardrobe in every way. For example, a women’s shirt in a color such as white is ideal as a base that can be used with many other kinds of wardrobe elements such as a navy skirt or a black pair of pants. Women can use a women’s skirt as one of the basics of their clothing plans from spring to winter without stopping a beat. Such basics mean that a woman always has something to wear each day.

Materials Matter

Many women look for a Leonard Street Women’s Clothing in a specific fabric. For example, women’s shirt in a fabric such as silk is a great way to add a sense of elegance to any outfit. A women’s shirt in an upscale, delicate fabric pairs well with many kinds of other materials such as a lovely gold necklace or a silk scarf. A woman may also look for a women’s skirt in a more durable fabric that does not need to be dry cleaned. A women’s skirt in cotton blends makes it easy for women to keep clothing that can be cleaned quickly and easily. No need to run out to the dry cleaner’s to remove a single spot and then wait to pick it up several days later. When she can put the women’s shirt in the washing machine instead, this makes it easy to grab it and get on her way.

A Good Fit

A shirt should also be one that fits well. A shirt should well across a woman’s chest, allowing her freedom of movement as she walks. Many women want a shirt that also fits across their shoulders and will move with them all day long. The right kind of shirt should also be easy to put on and take off. A shirt with buttons can help make it easy to get a good fit. One that goes over the shoulders and has no fastenings can also make it easy for a woman to throw it on and move on with her life. Many women look for shirts that have a collar that has some give to it so she can help showcase her face and her great features. The right skirt is a welcome addition to any woman’s personal shelves.

A Mini Skirt is the Perfect Thing

A Mini Skirt is the Perfect Thing to Wear in the Summer

Skirts are very versatile pieces of clothing. A skirt can be paired with many different kinds of tops. Skirts come in many different lengths. A mini skirt is one of the most popular kinds of skirts. The mini skirt generally refers to a skirt that hits from about the hips to above the knees. A mini skirt is a useful thing to have on hand during the hot weather. As the temps rise, many women look for ways to help keep cool. A mini skirt is a way to show off a woman’s tanned and trim figure as well as helping to keep her less hot as the temps start to rise. The mini skirt comes in many kinds of colors, styles and fabrics. Many women want to have several kinds of mini skirts in their closet. This is one look that can start off early in the morning and be just as right many hours later. And you can find mini skirts online here:

The Flair of the Skirt

One of the key design elements in any mini skirt is the way the skirt flairs out from the hips. A mini skirt may hug the hips closely and then softly taper off. The mini skirt may also hit close to the entire upper half of the body, creating a look that is smooth and streamlined and very, very modern. Other kinds of mini skirts may have more of a twirl to them. The skirt may spread out as a woman walks. This is a good look for the woman who appreciates a look that helps her feel free. A mini skirt with a lot of flair to it is an ideal look for a woman to wear on top of a bathing suit. The casual look is perfect for a day devoted to hours on sand with a charming novel.

Easy Wearing

Mini skirts are also ideal for a causal look because they are easy to wear. A skirt can slip over the hips and fit over a shirt or a pair of nylons without snagging on the fabric. A Mini Skirt by Leonard Street of this kind can also be used when on the run. Many women find it useful to keep one in their bag as they work. The skirt can serve as a useful extra to have on hand during the summer in the event of a spill or other problem such as a sudden downpour. A skirt of this kind can also be used when playing sports. Many women wear them when they are playing tennis or heading outside for a run early in the morning. The easy skirt makes it possible for any woman to have a great summer item on hand.

Shopping for Quality Women’s Knitwear

Shopping for Quality Women’s Knitwear

Shopping for clothing can at times be a pretty complicated experience. There are so many different facets of a wardrobe to consider. It can sometimes be tough to adjust your wardrobe for the changing of the seasons as well. Knitwear is a type of clothing that can work well throughout all different points of the year. It can be particularly comfortable in the cooler winter and autumn months. It, in brief, refers to knitted garments. If you’re shopping for women’s knitwear that’s a nice blend of stylish, comfortable and warm, there are so many online retailers out there that can tend to your needs. Women’s knitwear on the Internet can serve many functions for shoppers. It can keep them warm when temperatures outdoors are rather chilly. It can hug their physiques and make them look trim and fit. It can add a stylish look and feel in general. When you need women’s knitwear, you don’t have to settle for retailers that aren’t up to par. You can find women’s knitwear here:

You can easily and swiftly purchase women’s knitwear online. You can just as easily and rapidly purchase women’s knitwear via brick and mortar shops, too. Visit your nearest department store. Head to your local shopping mall. Chances are you’ll be able to find a good number of boutiques that sell women’s knitwear. If you keep your eyes open, there are always so many high-quality women’s knitwear options waiting for you. Women’s knitwear isn’t usually too elusive. It’s usually especially easy to find as soon as the summer months come to an end. Clothing brands tend to begin preparation for colder weather early.

Knitwear for women is amazingly versatile. It comes in all colors. It features all kinds of patterns and designs. Plain and simple knitwear options are commonly accessible as well. There are so many different kinds of brands that produce knitwear for women, too. You can choose between affordable brands. You can pick between deluxe brands that are equipped with significantly higher price tags.

It’s critical to pay close attention to the materials that are used in knitwear. Search for first-rate materials that are dependable, resilient and sturdy. It can be a headache to invest in knitwear that’s prone to problems. It can be a hassle to invest in knitwear that won’t last you throughout the year, too. Cashmere and wool knitwear pieces are both popular. There are also many other popular material choices available to knitwear lovers.

If you want to appear chic and feel comfortable and cozy, it can be hard to make a poor knitwear choice. Make sure to do sufficient research prior to selecting a store that can accommodate your knitwear requirements. There are quite a few highly regarded Women’s Clothing by Leonard Street boutiques online.